Thursday, April 19, 2007

Working with Photoshop Part 2

hey everyone!

Id first like to start by saying that i know this layout looks bad but for some strange reason it wont let me have spaces between my images etc and as a result looks... crap basically (sorry) but yeh.. i dont no how to fix it!

Anyway, as the Friday of week 6 was missed due to 'Good Friday' (even better for us) this weeks tutorial is designed to catch up on any work. Therefore, i present you week 6's tutorial task below!


TASK: The difference between this week's task and the week 5 task is that last week we tried to find an image that communicated an idea. This week we will create our own images and modify them and enhance them to help communicate an idea using Photoshop.

HERE GOES.. (I've never used Photoshop so this should be interesting)

1. Friends:

..still coming..

2. Communications:

When i think of communications i immediately think of satellites and the way they transport information world wide. In Photoshop, i added a filtered render of lens flare to make the picture look more technical and powerful.

3. Newsworthy:

I believe this picture represents the topic 'newsworthy' very well. The topic of Sadam Hussein, his capture and the war in Iraq are extremely newsworthy events which have been present in numerous news articles globally for a few years now. Using photoshop, i added layers and inserted two separate pictures. I then darkened the background picture to reflect the darkness of his capture and his feelings compared to the brightness and happiness he felt in previous years.

4. Australian:

When one thinks of Australian, thongs, the beach and beer are often associated. As a result i have drawn on various images to make this picture. I inserted the image of the beer and the shadowing in front of it.

5. Popular:

When i think of the term 'popular' my immediate thought is of celebrities. Using Photoshop, i have inserted nine separate photos to make up a 'jigsaw' like display of various celebrities, cropping them to size and centering them.

6. Games:

The term 'games' to me, reflects my new found passion for the Gold Coast Titans and the games i have attended. Using Photoshop, i inserted the football into the players hand and added the logo to the face of the ball.

7. Celebrity:

When finding an image that relates to the theme 'celebrity,' one can go no further than the Hollywood walk of fame. Using the image of Robin William's star, i then erased his name using Photoshop and typed my name onto the star. Although this looks easy, the eye dropper tool wasn't available and thus it took me ages to clear his name first.

Well, there is my tasks done for another week!
Enjoy the weekend!
Cheers, Kate

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