Thursday, March 29, 2007

week 5: Gettin to know photoshop

Hey for another week!

Lets get straight into it..

Gathering phots:

Everyday people with cameras can go out and take pictures and through the medium of blogging, can publish their own pictures and their own stories. By doing this, we can become 'Citizen Journalists'. The following are some basic photos that are not modified in Photoshop which represent or communicate the following ideas:

1. Friends:

When i think of friends, i immediately think of the good times ive spent with them. This photo was taken at schoolies last year and to me, sums up what friends are all about. Having fun, smiling lots and just being there for each other like a big support group. Nothing could get better than this. Best times. Best friends.

2. High tech:

I believe this picture represents the theme "high tech" as when i think of such a theme, i immediately think of technologies which effect us as people. In addition, the 'maze like' lines in the picture give a similar feeling of being highly technical and advanced.

3. News

A picture such as this one reflects my representation of the theme 'news.' When i think of news, i think of something global, something which is common all around the world and thus the image of a foreign newspaper represents the diversity of news. Moreover, the first image that comes to mind when i think of news is 'September 11,' a day when the whole word stopped and news was the most important thing. Lastly, a newspaper was the most common style of reporting news i thought of when searching this theme.

4. Summer

When thinking about 'summer,' the obvious image that comes to mind is the beach. Growing up on the Gold Coast, the beach is like my second home and the first thing i think of when i think of summer. Therefore, sorry but I'm going to be boring, and use this image of the beach!

5. Unconventional: defines 'unconventional' as "not conventional; not bound by or conforming to convention, rule, or precedent; free from conventionality." An image like the one to the left is the type of picture i think of when i think of unconventional. It is an unusual image and something out of the ordinary, something which is a bit quirky and not what i typical wedding picture is like.

6. University

When thinking about the theme 'university,' the general consensus among students is that of being broke. Because of study commitments, most students don't have time work and therefore have no money. While i have a job, i am still constantly broke and therefore, believe this image is appropriate to the theme of university.

Well, there you go. My representations of some very random themes. Hope you enjoyed my take on the images.

Looking forward to learning and using Photoshop next week.. A little scared though!

Before i go, just a quick update on the whole assignment thing..

So far still thinking of doing the topic on communications in particular SMS. Will search the libraries resources this week to see if they have any useful books on the topic!

Until then, have a good week!

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