Thursday, March 8, 2007


My name is kate.
I am a first year uni student at Griffith on the Gold Coast, studying Communications.
This is my first ever blog and part of my assesment for New Communication Technologies.
While im not completely sure what I want to do when I graduate, my ultimate career goal would be to work for a fashion magazine in New York.
As well as studying New Communication Technologies, I am also enrolled in Marketing, Effective Writing and Youth and Society.
I finished school last year at Varsity College on the coast and loved every single minute of grade 12. The formal, after-party and Schoolies where the massive highlights of my year and I am lucky to have shared these memories with the best friends anyone could ask for.
I have done some travelling with my family but hope to do a lot more when I finish uni in three years time.
In addition to uni, I work as a supervisor at The Warehouse. It sounds weird but I absolutely love my job and the people i work with.
I love the beach, listening to music, playing netball, SHOP till you drop magazine, having a 'good time' with friends and spending time with the family.
I hate winter (although i love winter fashion), violence and when your nails go yellow from wearing nail polish for too long...
Anyway, back to the whole reason of this blog...
New communication technologies are everywhere in society and I hope that through this subject, I gain a better understanding of such issues and basically just broaden my computer skills.
La Jetee was an interesting movie as I had never seen a film similar to it before. Although I didn't really understand most of it, I liked the way they used pictures and words to convey their message.. It was different to 'normal' movies and I liked that.
Anyway, thanks for reading.. hope I didn't completely bore you!

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