Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tutorial Week 3

Hi again,

Well, we're into another week of uni and that means another lecture and uni blog to write..

So here goes...

"Every abstract machine is linked to other abstract machines, not only because they are inseparably political, economic, scientific, artistic, ecological, cosmic-perceptive, affective, acting, thinking, physical, and semiotic-but because their various types are as intertwined as their operations are convergent. Mechanosphere."

This quote, taken from this mornings lecture, summarises the issues covered in 'The Birth of the Computer' which we learnt about today.

This lecture made me really think about what our world would be like if certain technologies hadn't been invented and introduced into the market - such as computers in the 1950s and more importantly to me, mobile phones and ipods!

It also made me think about how far technology has come over even the last 50 years and how much further it will go.. kind of a scary thought!

Through the lecture i gained a greater understanding of how technologies develop. ie the first production of an IBM computer in the 1950s compared to the new and improved computers we see on desks now and the way computers used to just 'taking up space' ...alot different to computers nowdays which are not only compact but also far more aesthetically appealing.

While watching the first half of Alphaville, i became increasingly more confused but hope that by watching the second half of the movie next week, i will have a better understanding of the film.

Lastly, id just like to say that i think this assessment piece... blogging i mean... is actually alot cooler than i thought! I like the fact that if nothing else, i will now know how to write a blog and who knows.. i might even start one on my myspace! haha

Well that's all for another week!

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