Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fun with Microsoft Word:

Hello for another week,

Well, the assignment is done, emailed and posted and I could not be happier that this week is almost over! Leaving assignments (yes that's right.. more than one) to the last minute has meant my week has been very busy, and consequently resulted in a severe lack of sleep.. one more night wont hurt though and my plans for tonight are all that has kept me going.

Anyway, onto this weeks tutorial task..
My new friend Brooke isn't here today so I haven't had much fun with word, but anyway, not long till my evening of fun begins! (I cant stop thinking about it)

Okay, so after completing the various exercises set out to learn more about Microsoft Word, I found myself, mildly put, a little bored.

I had no problems using Word and following the instructions on how to 'bold text' and 'insert headers and footers.' While the advanced exercise on mail merging was something new to me, I had no problems trying to use it and following along to the instructions. Furthermore, the track changes exercise was also a function I had never used but I didn't really see much point in it and how it could help me.

Overall, I didn't find the exercises too confusing, and while the first few were way too easy, the advanced examples got my brains working a bit!

Microsoft Word is one of my favourite programs. It is simple to use and allows me to do everything I need to do. As a result, I can definitely see how this software would be useful in creating various applications and documents and would be especially helpful when constructing a resume for example.

Creating letters, reports, documents etc is extremely simple to do using Word and, according to the Tutorial introduction, it is an important skill to know not only while at uni, but also in the workforce. Therefore, while I may have already known how to bold text etc, any extra knowledge which will help increase my word processing skills is valuable and thus a productive afternoon.

Anyway, for another week, good bye and have fun!

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