Thursday, May 31, 2007

A sad moment..

I came into this course feeling a little terrified and a lot apprehensive! While I use computers on a regular basis, the majority of my time is spent using msn, email, MySpace and Word. This being said I don’t consider myself completely computer illiterate, and normally find I can pick most things up just by spending some time using the program. However, considering this course is name ‘New Communication Technologies’, new being the operative word, I thought I would have a lot of difficulty in completing the tasks. Admittedly, I did struggle with some components of the course however, on the whole, found it to be rather enjoyable and interesting and am actually a little saddened to finish it.

Not being an avid fan of technology and computers, I was surprised to be interested in a majority of the lectures and found they all had relevance to many aspects of life, not just restricted to complex technology functions and information. I am appreciative furthermore that the lectures were structured in simple and easy to understand terms which also proved beneficial when studying for the ‘100 QUESTIONS IN 60 MINUTES’ test! While I’m on the subject of the test, I’d like to say a big thanks to Adam for designing the exam revision table which helped me enormously! Anyway, while I know most people hated the lecture on Public Relations, I found it very interesting and helpful to my decision in choosing Public Relations next year. This, along with Jason Nelsons ‘interesting’ lecture, was my favourite.

The movies shown in the lectures were the only negative I found associated to the course. I know they were relevant to the course content etc but I found them incredibly boring and would have liked to have studied movies a little more recent and that covered a broad range of interests, not just sci-fi, warped films. Sorry.

When I first realised the tutorials, as well as the lectures, were two hours long I was a little disheartened but they turned out to be fairly interesting. I liked the way we were able to work at our own pace and follow along with the instructions rather than it being like a formal lesson. The laid back approach made me more inclined to actually do my work as I didn’t feel as pressured and felt I had a lot of flexibility about how to do the tasks. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Adam for being an excellent tutor, who made the classes interesting and was extremely helpful.

Overall, I found this course helped me immensely in learning about new communication technologies and broadened my knowledge on many topics associated with issues such as the internet, cyberpolitics and new media. I have no doubt that I will carry and apply this new knowledge with me in any career I enter.
For the last time...

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