Thursday, May 17, 2007

Microsoft Excel

Hey there,

I must start by saying that i thought this task would be easy like last week. I was pleasantly surprised however. So thank you.. =]

Anyway, as i have not used Excel nearly as much as Word, i found this task slightly more interesting, and complicated.

While i had no problems doing the first exercise, i found entering in some of the formulas, in the second exercise, a little more trying. For some reason the formula for the column 'gains/losses' would not work for me (i probably did it wrong) and as a result, i ended up just writing in the text. I did not overcome this problem as i don't no what i did wrong. I followed the instructions and copied the code correctly but it still didn't work.

Anyway, making the graphs came a bit easier and i had no troubles with the exercise. Completing the Advanced exercise on 'Macros' was more challenging however. While i followed along in the first few steps, it became increasingly harder and by the time i had to record things, i got stuck. This being the case however, i managed to realise what i was doing wrong and finish the task.

I believe Microsoft Excel would be extremely useful to business people as it is extremely beneficial in aiding them to arrange various pieces of data in an effective and comprehensible way. The only problem i find with Excel is that if you are unsure of the correct formulas to use, it can often be a complex program to use. That being said, i can see how this software is would helpful to many people, especially businesses and the like.

Thanks for another week,

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